The Standing Rules, as adopted by the ELECTROLYSIS SOCIETY OF FLORIDA, INC. are intended to serve as a supplement to, and in no way conflict with the Constitution and Bylaws.

A standing rule can be adopted by a majority vote at any business meeting without previous notice.  Although such rule remains in effect until rescinded or amended, it does not bind future sessions if a majority desires to suspend it temporarily for the duration of a particular session.  References and authority:  Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.

  1. Dues paid by new members accepted at the last meeting of the year will be applied toward the next year’s dues.(10/10/87)
  2. Associate and Provisional Members will receive a 50% discount on dues.(6/09/00)
  3. Letters mailed by the Ethics Committee will be sent registered or certified mail with areturn receipt.(2/11/89)
  4. All under budgeted expenses $100.00 and below can be paid by Board approval.(1/92)(1/95)
  5. The Board shall have the authority to change the dates of non-annual meetings from the secondweekend when necessary.(2/93)
  6. General Membership meetings are open to the public.(4/93) The general membership meetings are to be open to members only.(9/09)
  7. When a grievance has been determined to go to trial, the accused will be presented in a timely fashion with all materials that have been presented.(6/93)
  8. That we make certificates of attendance for Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s).(10/93)
  9. That the budget run from annual meeting to annual meeting.(10/93)
  10. That applicants be present at a meeting to be inducted and receive their certificates.(10/93) The applicant for membership does not need to be present at the general membership meeting to be voted upon and inducted, but the new member will only receive their certificate if they are present at the meeting. (9/09)
  11. That we give approval to our President to proceed with any proposed legislation that may be deemed necessary after consultation with our lobbyist and legislation liaison, and the President must have a majority vote from the Executive Board before proceeding.(10/93)
  12. That only members are to receive printed material.(6/93) (2/11)
  13. We do not refund the meeting fee after the cutoff date.(9/94)
  14. Any ESF member who loses their Florida license shall also lose their membership in ESF.(9/94)
  15. Only those who have paid the registration fee for the meeting be allowed in the lecture room.(2/95)
  16. Non ESF members be charged $100.00 more for registration.(9/13/02)
  17. A late fee of $15.00 be added to the registration effective two weeks before the meeting.(2/95)
  18. Vendors will be charged $50.00 for table space – to be paid in cash or in merchandise for door prizes. The fee will be waived if the vendor is a speaker.(2/95)
  19. That the full registration fee is paid for the meeting and there will be no deductions.(2/95)
  20. That no refunds are given seven days before the meeting date.(2/95)
  21. That the editor of ESF Newsletter receive one free registration of their choice per year.(6/12/98)
  22. EAF members pay the same price that ESF members pay for meetings.(6/12/98)
  23. To print extra directories if members want to purchase at cost of print.(6/99) (2/11)
  24. That all ESF members provide proof of current license with each yearly renewal.(6/9/00)
  25. ESF will endorse electrology related continued education events that are held at hospitals, medical facilities, and the Red Cross.(2/8/02)
  26. The ESF membership information and the ESF Constitution, By-laws, and Standing Rules will be available on the ESF website. The printed directory has been discontinued. A list of members will be provided upon request. (2/11)