Whereas, the Electrolysis Society of Florida was incorporated and chartered in the City of Miami and the County of Dade, November 28, 1950, in accordance with the Corporate Laws and Statutes of the State of Florida as a non-profit organization and;

Whereas, the intent and purpose of this organization as an educational and professional organization is to unite in a fellowship the electrologists in the State of Florida, and;

Whereas, to create and combine their efforts to promote the scientific, ethical and practical efficiency of the profession by creating guidelines and standards for individuals seeking to join this organization and;

Whereas, those aims are to promote the promulgation of rules and regulations concerning licensing, training and accreditation of the practitioners of the electrolysis profession and;

Whereas, with changes in corporate laws and statutes in the State of Florida, filing annually became a prerequisite, therefore the original charter became obsolete in approximately 1957, and;

Whereas, the organization was newly incorporated in February 1981 in the City of Tallahassee, County of Leon, under the laws and statutes provided in the State of Florida according to non-profit Corporate Statute 617.02, Charter Number 756386.